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No matter how well you run your business, it will always be exposed to risks. Halcyon General Insurance will work with you to assess the risks in your day to day business and put together an insurance package to mitigate any interruption to your business should an insurable event occur.


Professional Indemnity InsuranceProfessional Indemnity Insurance

In our increasingly litigious society, if you are in the professional services space,  you can't ignore the real possibility that you are financially vulnerable to legal actions being brought against you by a disgruntled client during the course of your career.

Professional Indemnity Insurance generally covers claims for civil liability arising from the conduct of your professional business practice.

Do you need it ?

Consider Professional Indemnity Insurance if, in the course of performing your professional duties, you:

  • Provide advice and/or services

  • Engage in design work

  • Manage project/s on behalf of other joint ventures.

Anyone who provides professional advice and/or services is legally required to exercise their skill at an appropriate level. But professionals are human and mistakes do invariably happen. Any financial loss arising from a mistake or failure by you in a professional capacity may result in a court awarding in favour of a client or third party.

Speaking to Halcyon General Insurance first and making sure you have a comprehensive Professional Insurance policy in place, could mean the difference between bankruptcy and the survival of your business should a client make a successful claim.

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Public and Product Liability InsurancePublic and Product Liability Insurance

Public Liability provides cover for losses you may incur due to your legal liability for personal injury and/or property damage to third parties. Liability can arise from members of the public entering the business premises in the normal cause of business.

Product Liability provides cover for personal injury and/or property damage arising from the insured’s products.

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Business Interruption InsuranceBusiness Interruption Insurance

Imagine a natural disaster has caused your business to close temporarily – how will you pay your bills and wages while there’s no income from the business?

Typically a business will hold insurance for events like fire or burglary.

But what many overlook is that repairing or rebuilding premises or replacing stock and equipment takes time as well as money.

Covering the cost of rebuilding or restocking only solves half the problem – what about the profit losses your business will suffer whilst unable to operate?

Closing the doors doesn’t stop the bills from coming in and wages and other running costs will still need to be paid. This is where business interruption can be a life saver.

Business Interruption Insurance can cover you by:

  • Ensuring you can pay your bills if turn over is reduced.

  • Cover you for loss of profit; and

  • Pay for additional costs that you incur to enable you to continue trading.

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Commercial Motor CoverCommercial Motor Cover

Owning and running a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles can be expensive and having the right type of insurance can save you a lot of time and money if your vehicle is damaged and out of action this can affect the bottom line of your business.

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Corporate Travel CoverCorporate Travel Cover

If your business requires yourself or any staff members to travel either domestically or internationally for business purposes then your business should have a corporate travel policy in place. This can provide cover for exposure to unforeseen insurable expenses.

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Contract WorksContract Works

Contract Works Insurance can provide cover during the construction phase of your project.

It can provide you with protection against malicious damage, vandalism, theft, fire damage, storm and wind and water damage as well as providing liability cover in the case of any damage to a third party.

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Cyber Insurance CoverCyber Insurance Cover

Cyber insurance is designed to protect the first and third party liability exposures associated with commercial business.

It is also designed to protect against exposures that may arise when your customer information is breached or stolen.

Do I need Cyber Insurance?

If you own a business and have a website you have a legal liability as the publisher. Internet exposures are generally not covered under business liability cover.

Below are a few areas which Cyber Insurance can cover:

  • Data Liability - Breach of Personal data, corporate data, outsourcing and network security.

  • Business/Network Interruption - Covering the loss of net profit as a result of a material interruption to the insured’s network, after a denial of service attack or network security breach.

  • Media Content - Covering the damages and defence costs incurred in connection with a breach of third party intellectual property, or negligence in connection with electronic content.

  • Cyber/Privacy Extortion - Covering ransom payments (extortion loss) to third parties incurred in terminating a security threat.

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