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Home & Contents InsuranceHome & Contents Insurance

Your house is probably the most important asset you own. Not only is it the most expensive thing you will probably own, it is also home to your family and houses your most valuable belongings.

Here is a fact that you may not be aware of: Did you know when buying a house, you are responsible for the property and anything that happens to it from the moment you sign the offer contract, even if it hasn't settled and the transfer of ownership hasn't occurred.

Pretty scary when the house isn't even yours yet! Let Halcyon General Insurance make sure your biggest asset is always protected.

Defined Events Cover

Cover is provided for listed events, such as fire or explosion, lightning or thunderbolt, earthquake or tsunami and burglary or theft from the home.

Accidental Damage Cover

This provides a wider range of cover than defined events including accidental damage or loss to your contents and enabling cover Australia wide and not just within your home.

Building Insurance

Building insurance covers your building as well as kitchen cupboards, fittings and fixtures, carpet and curtains.

Contents Insurance

Covers most items that are not attached to your building such as fridges, washing machines, jewellery and entertainment systems. Contact Halcyon General Insurance and obtain a quote today and make sure your most valued asset is covered by the right type of insurance to suit your individual needs.


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Landlord Insurance

Your needs as a property owner and landlord are different to the needs of someone who owns and lives in their own home.

This means you won’t necessarily be adequately covered by standard home and contents cover.

Landlord cover will cover your investment property for building events such as:

  • fire or explosion

  • lightning or thunderbolt

  • earthquake or tsunami

  • malicious acts

  • storm damage

  • theft, burglary or housebreaking

  • contents cover

Optional additional covers

  • rent default and theft by tenant

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Motor Vehicle InsuranceMotor Vehicle Insurance

We are all different. Some of us drive prestige sports cars, or high powered motorcycles, while others may prefer an economical run about. Some of us love cruising around Australia with a caravan in tow, while others may prefer spending the weekend at the river lazing around on a fishing boat or powering around in a speed boat.

But one thing is the same for all of us, our need for insurance to protect our chosen mode of transport or our beloved toys. Halcyon General Insurance can find the right cover for your vehicles, whatever they may be.

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